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佛罗伦萨五月音乐节(Maggio Musicale Fiorentino)







歌剧以原著语言进行演出,配以意大利语字幕。 您可在观看演出前先了解整个故事内容,哲意( Select Italy) 将为您提供英语剧本!


参加意大利音乐活动时请着正装。如果您衣着过于休闲,可能会被拒绝入场。 首演当晚男士要求穿着深色西服,女士要求优雅晚礼服。


歌剧、芭蕾和音乐会演出时间通常在1.5到3小时左右。 请提前考虑晚上返回酒店的交通安排。某些火车和公共交通在晚上10:30之后就会停运。


某些剧院可能配备伤残人士设施。请联系哲意(Select Italy)获取更多信息。

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  • night in the Opera in the Florence Yuly Goldin (Denver, CO - CO USA)

    We were very pleased with service of Select Italy and enjoyed a "Madame Butterfly" performance in the modern musical theater in Florence.

  • Select Italy and theatre top notch Antalyaman (Antalya, - Turkey)

    Select Italy were exceptional in getting me good tickets for everything I tried to book. The seats were excellent as was the performance of the Barber of Seville. The theatre is very impressive and as soon as they sort out ticket collection it will be a perfect stop on a Florence tour.

  • Verdi's Requiem William (Sydney, NSW - NSW Australia)

    Select Italy provided tickets so quickly for what I expected to be a sold-out performance of the popular Verdi Requiem conducted by Zubin Mehta that I suspected an internet scam! I was delighted to find that my tickets were real and the seats were fantastic. No problems with the ticket collection at the box office and a magnificent performance, albeit after what I believe is the usual Italian late start to scheduled performances. A thoroughly enjoyable evening. Thank you so much for enabling this highlight of my visit to Florence.

  • Wonderful experience, great service. Jessie (Durham, NC - NC USA)

    We bought tickets to see La Traviata in Florence, and twice, Select Italy came through in a pinch. First, I somehow deleted or lost the email with the original ticket vouchers, which were re-sent to me in no time. Secondly, while at dinner before the opera, we suddenly realized we had 15 minutes to finish eating, find a cab, and get to the theater in time to pick up our tickets. In a panic I called Kate, the Italian contact, and asked if it was still worth trying to go if we were definitely going to be late getting to the ticket desk. She assured me that the opera often started late, and that even if we missed curtain, we would be let in after the first act. "It's definitely worth going; it's amazing," she said. So we rushed to the theater and managed to get there while people were still milling outside, got our tickets, found our amazing seats at the front of the 3rd balcony, and have a lovely time. Thanks to SelectItaly for providing an incredible experience, and for being so available to help us out!

  • Opera in Florence Linda R. Cantrell (Seattle, WA - WA USA)

    We had a great time after getting our tickets which were not printed; but they scurried around and found evidence of my purchase! The sets and voices were amazing! Der Rosenkavalier was so well staged with mirrors to give the illusion of space. It was longer than expected but well worth it!


音乐在佛罗伦萨的艺术史上扮演着重要角色。16世纪末期,在佛罗伦萨诞生了第一部歌剧。佛罗伦萨歌剧院(Teatro dell'Opera di Firenze)在2011年12月21日伴随着贝多芬的“第九交响曲”开幕。这个马蹄形的剧场拥有1800个席位,将给听众带来一流的视听效果。佛罗伦萨歌剧院(Teatro dell'Opera di Firenze)是一座可容纳1800位观众的剧院,拥有可以举办演唱会、独奏会和特殊活动的小型音乐厅和户外阶梯座位cavea

佛罗伦萨歌剧院(Teatro dell'Opera di Firenze)位于佛罗伦萨历史中心以西的郊区,毗邻卡辛那公园(Cascine Park),这座瞩目的当代剧院综合体是由一个罗马建筑公司ABDR在2014年设计,该建筑获得设计大奖并受到全球瞩目。