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圣卡洛剧院(Teatro San Carlo)







歌剧以原著语言进行演出,配以意大利语字幕。 您可在观看演出前先了解整个故事内容,哲意( Select Italy) 将为您提供英语剧本!


参加意大利音乐活动时请着正装。如果您衣着过于休闲,可能会被拒绝入场。 首演当晚男士要求穿着深色西服,女士要求优雅晚礼服。


歌剧、芭蕾和音乐会演出时间通常在1.5到3小时左右。 请提前考虑晚上返回酒店的交通安排。某些火车和公共交通在晚上10:30之后就会停运。


某些剧院可能配备伤残人士设施。请联系哲意(Select Italy)获取更多信息。

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  • Tickets for Teatro San Carlo Anne (SANTA CRUZ, CA - CA USA)

    Getting tickets ahead of time for Teatro San Carlo was made very simple and straight-forward. Justin helped me in choosing our seating - there were 5 in our party and his knowledge of the theater guided me to choose the best seats in our price range. We were delighted with our seats (and the concert)!! I would definitely use these services when I next return to Italy.

  • Teatro San Carlo Jeff (Glasgow, - Scotland)

    Initially I was concerned that the tickets for the Naples opera house were to be ordered from Chicago, but the whole process was conducted smoothly and efficiently and entry to our box in the theatre could not have been simpler. The evening there was a delight. Not opera, unfortunately, as there was none on during our week in Naples but the classical concert with Haydn and Mozart was excellent. And what acoustics! Memorable. A glass of wine in the bar is expensive but comes complete with lovely hot snacks.

  • Spectacular Dlweld (Victoria, BC - BC Canada)

    We attended a performance of Giselle - and quite aside from the excellent performance, the venue was fantastic. Spectacular even. The 6 levels of balconies, the amazing ceiling, the ornate decorations, and the extensive use of red velvet was impressive. The acoustics were excellent too - efficient and easy ticketing and seating added to a terrific experience. Do dress up if you go - everyone else will look pretty good - so casual is out. We recommend a taxi afterwards, as Naples late at night can seem daunting. Plus a taxi ride in Naples (use official taxis only) can be a real blast. If you're in Naples - spend the money and go to the Teatro - world class.

  • Teatro San Carlo FRANK Nyc (NEW YORK, NY - NY USA)

    We purchased four tickets for an operatic performance at the Teatro San Carlo. Select Italy made the process painless and simple. I must admit I had some trepidation about the booking because Naples is not famous for its organization or efficiency. I arrived at the box office early anticipating some complication but my tickets were printed within 30 seconds of the time I presented the Select Italy voucher. The seats were great and the opera was spectacular. Frank NYC

  • San Carlo, Naples Andrew Farkas (Sheffield, - UK)

    Very efficient booking service with easy collection of tickets from the opera house. Excellent seats, as described, and marvellous theatre with very good performance.


波旁王朝的国王查尔斯(King Charles)为了让首都拥有一个顶级的剧院而建造了圣卡洛歌剧院(Teatro San Carlo),事实上他真的很成功。剧院雄伟的建筑和完美的音响效果很快便脱颖而出,成为了人们钦慕的对象。但非常不幸的是圣卡洛歌剧院(Teatro San Carlo)在1816年被大火摧毁,之后在建筑师安东尼奥•尼科尼利(Antonio Niccolini)的指导下进行了重建工作,经过不懈的努力,终于造就了我们现在看到的剧院。剧院于1818年重新开放,作家司汤达(Stendhal)在游历剧院后,评论说:“……它非常耀眼,深入灵魂……”。在当时,那不勒斯是欧洲至关重要的文化中心,而多尼采蒂(Donizetti)、贝利尼(Bellini)以及罗西尼(Rossini)的作品均在圣卡洛歌剧院进行了首演。现在,圣卡洛歌剧院(Teatro San Carlo)已恢复原有的光彩,它是欧洲最古老的并且仍在使用着的剧院,时至今日依然光彩熠熠,继续上演着精彩绝伦的演出。